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Did you know there is a plethora of food out there that you have been tricked into thinking is healthy, but that is in fact NOT healthy? Rude, I know! How dare people go around convincing us that a fast-food salad with extra dressing and diet coke is a meal that’s going to help us lose weight! The nerve! Time to set the record straight: Here’s some sneaky unhealthy food

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 Virgin coconut oil is “the healthiest cooking oil on the planet.” Documented by numerous Doctors and dieticians, coconut oil is composed of beneficial medium fatty acids. Traditional and Modern medicine uses of coconut oil in many countries include: relieves signs of gallbladder disease, promotes healthy-looking hair, protect against kidney disease, reduces inflammation, and kills yeasts that cause candidiasis. Scientific programs have demonstrated that coconut oil has anti-viral and anti-microbial attributes.


Cook it thoroughly. Cook it thoroughly. Cook it thoroughly! That’s the most important thing to know about preventing food-borne illness. The FDA advises consumers to cook meat until it reaches an internal temperature of 71° Celsius (160° Fahrenheit). Fish should be cooked to an internal temperature of 60° C (140° F), flake easily, and be firm and opaque, or dull. If it’s translucent, or shiny, it’s not done. “Proper cooking

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If you are already interested in herb gardening, then the next step that you can take is to make yourself as informed as possible so that people may identify the first things that you will should do with the aim of being able to get yourself in fact started; in case you produce yourself as knowledgeable on the matter of plant gardening as possible, then you realize what you are