Herbs for Depression

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Depression makes life miserable for many people, and no drug can deal with it. Numerous conventional treatments for depression give little or no result. That is why people turn to alternative medicine and use herbs for depression. Most popular are Chinese depression herbs. It can be very much debilitating to an individual who is suffering from a great deal more than just occasional feelings of being down or feeling “blue.” Often those who are depressed, experience feelings of hopelessness for weeks at a time. Herbs are truly easy-to-grow; the procedure is very much simple.

Things you need to know about depression

The most extreme level of depression is called clinical depression. This form of depression torments the individual through exhibited symptoms like complete feelings of sadness and being frightened. Additionally, the depressed unique is void of expressing themselves emotionally. Other symptoms contain the loss of appetite, inability to sleep or sleeping excessively, being lethargic, feelings of remorse, inability to stay focused, suicidal thoughts, the overwhelming feeling of being alone, etc.

Minor depression is a more common cause, but it still can affect your life badly. The severity of depression is classified as minor if the unique experiences at least two of the classic symptoms and less than the majority of the classic symptoms portrayed. Also, those who suffer from bouts of minor depression experience these symptoms for a minimum period of two weeks. It is generally thought that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance within. It is possible to find no cure for depression; nonetheless, there are a variety of treatments that are existing to those who have been diagnosed with depression. These treatments contain the use of prescription medications, therapy and the use of herbs for depression. There are many ways that Chinese medicinal herbs work on the body.

Herbs that are used to cure depression

It is possible to locate many natural remedies on the market today that claim to be effective in treating depression. Two herbs for depression that have shown exciting promise in naturally aiding those who suffer from depression are St. John’s Wort and liquorice.

St. John’s Wort helps with depression

Processed in a usable form and the appropriate strength, it is derived from a plant that is native to Europe. The recommended strength of the active ingredient of St. John’s Wort, hyperborean, must be at 3 per cent and a recommended dosage ranging between 900 mg to 1800 mg daily. The dosage is dependent upon the severity of the out of the ordinary’s depression. Today, more than one gardeners are rediscovering the joy and pleasure of producing their herbs.

This herb, in its natural state, is categorized as a toxic weed for the reason that of its effects on the central nervous system of animals. When ingested it depresses the nervous system along with the demonstration of other adverse effects. Nevertheless, when taken in the proper dosage, St. John’s Wort is of value in treating depression. This value is seen as it inhibits the release of Serotonin. This action is the same result as when patients have taken chemically made antidepressants. Therefore, not only does it make the same result, but is also one of the natural herbs for depression that helps to treat this malady.


Another one of the herbs for depression is liquorice. Liquorice is a common plant that is derived from the root of the Glycyrrhiza Glabra of the family Fabaceae. It is a natural remedy for colds but recently has been a show to be an effective natural remedy for depression. The action of liquorice, as a natural antidepressant, is expressed through eight natural monoamines oxidize inhibitors (MAO) that are contained within liquorice. These MAO inhibitors act as antidepressants. Medicinal herbs have been known to strengthen an organ so that it can heal itself.

Liquorice might be taken in capsule form or maybe drunk as a tea. Cautions surrounding the taking of large doses of liquorice over a lengthy period contain the risk of increased blood pressure, head pain, tiredness, retaining water and losing potassium from the body.

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