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If you cough or experience chest tightness, stomachache, dry throat or headache after strenuous exercise, you may be among the 12 percent of the population suffering from exercise-induced asthma. Often called EIA, the condition occurs most often in people who have chronic asthma. It also afflicts about 40 percent of people who have only hay fever, however. Its symptoms, caused when muscular spasms or inflammation of the bronchial tubes in

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Hundreds of herbs are on the market today. Some of them are used as spices in cooking, others are medicinal herbs used in alternative medicine. Herbs might be used for all the other purposes, and for the most part they are herbs that are grown for culinary, medicinal, or in many cases, even spiritual value, and basically, what happens is that the green and leafy part of the plant is

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Depression makes life miserable for many people, and no drug can deal with it. Numerous conventional treatments for depression give little or no result. That is why people turn to alternative medicine and use herbs for depression. Most popular are Chinese depression herbs. It can be very much debilitating to an individual who is suffering from a great deal more than just occasional feelings of being down or feeling “blue.”

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Walk into any drugstore, and you are confronted by a seemingly endless array of over-the-counter preparations to treat allergies and asthma. More drugs are stocked out of sight, available only with a prescription. To make an informed choice you should understand the appropriate use, effects and side effects of each class of drugs. Antihistamines Antihistamines are the first line of treatment for allergy symptoms. Antihistamines do not prevent allergic reactions; they