4 Miraculous benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

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Dogs are perhaps the most adorable pet for most people; they are great for companion, protection and family pet but just like any other species of pets, these furry pooches also need care and health maintenance. People who love their dogs pamper them with premium dog foods and vitamins that are formulated especially for them.

Although many human foods and vitamins may also be used for your canines, there are some accompanied dangers in doing so without the Vet’s recommendation or prescription. Some foods and vitamins that human consumption may be toxic to dogs; not even fruits are always safe for dogs. However, there are some human foods that are really beneficial to your dogs, and one of them is coconut.

Coconut oil benefits

Coconuts, like for humans, are healthy and beneficial for your four-legged friend. The meat can be consumed together with its milk. Coconut has albumin, the same content found in egg whites. Albumin is good because it helps with the formation of red blood cells.

Coconut is rich in fibre that gives proper digestion regulation in your dogs. Its oil likewise has many health benefits. Coconut Oil For Dogs are known to give many benefits as it is the most nutritious product of the coconut; it can be used for killing worm eggs, maintenance of shiny and healthy coat and even flea control and prevention.

The oil also has an antioxidant effect and provides better absorption of other minerals. The oil also contains 40% Lauric Acid which is a mineral that has been proven to be an effective remedy against staph bacteria and also shown to be preventive against cancer. The anti-oxidant and the anti-bacterial benefit of coconut oil are indeed very essential for your dogs’ health.

Is coconut oil is safe for dogs?

Administration of Coconut Oil For Dogs is simple and safe. There are no known side effects or any health risks among dogs if they consume the oil regularly but of course abrupt and too much consumption (especially when introducing) of any other foods that are not within the regular diet of your dogs may result to stomach upset. So dosage should be followed strictly or as recommended by your veterinarian.

How to dose coconut oil for dogs?

For every 10 lbs of weight, you can administer 1 teaspoon of coconut oil or 1 tablespoon for every 30 lbs; your dog can consume it directly or you can mix it with their favourite dog food. However, you have to administer it gradually to your dogs; you can start by ¼ teaspoon per day until you arrive at the recommended level.  A Flu-like symptom may appear if you abruptly and excessively give it to your dog; it is nothing serious but it gives discomfort to your pooch.


Besides giving it as a supplement to be ingested, Coconut Oil For Dogs can also be used as topical to treat and prevent flea infestation, provides shiny and healthy coat, and helps in grooming and cleaning or treating of wounds and flaky skin.

To use as a topical agent for treating and cleaning ears and skins from wounds and flaking, scoop a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub it into your hands and apply it by gently massaging your dog’s body. Make sure that you reach under its fur to reach the skin. For cleaning wounds, you can dip a cotton bud or cotton boil in the oil and swab it to your dog’s ears or any affected area. You can see right away that dirt will be removed and wounds will be cleaned and dried up.

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