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Hair has no vital function in humans yet its psychological importance is enormous. There are several different types of hair in the human body. Scalp hair, sexual hair arriving after puberty e.g. beard, genital, axillary and some body hair, and general body. Hair follicles show intermittent activity i.e. each hair grows to a maximum length, is retained for a time and is eventually shed and replaced. An adult man has

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We are all born with all our hair follicles in place and under normal circumstances do not produce any more. A proportion of these follicles are programmed to grow relatively long, thick, pigmented hair, for example, scalp, eyebrow and eyelash hair. These are called primary terminal hairs. Other follicles grow short, fine, non-pigmented or only slightly pigmented hair, primary vellus hair which covers most of the body. This is often

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Every day, as part of the usual renewal process, our scalp repels cells. Usually, they are so little they go unnoticed. It is a different story when a fungal infection is involved. Depending on the intensity of settlement, the symptoms can range from simple scalp scaling to seborrhoeic eczema. Dandruff then is more than just a cosmetic problem. How to cure dandruff? Under normal circumstances, the sebaceous glands keep the

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For many of us, hair can be hard to maintain especially when we want it to look healthy and full of life. There are countless hair products out there which can help you maintain your hair making it look shiny and healthy. However these products are full of harmful chemicals and they are often not cheap, also sometimes they can make your hair worse. Using coconut oil as a natural

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Dogs are perhaps the most adorable pet for most people; they are great for companion, protection and family pet but just like any other species of pets, these furry pooches also need care and health maintenance. People who love their dogs pamper them with premium dog foods and vitamins that are formulated especially for them. Although many human foods and vitamins may also be used for your canines, there are

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If you cough or experience chest tightness, stomachache, dry throat or headache after strenuous exercise, you may be among the 12 percent of the population suffering from exercise-induced asthma. Often called EIA, the condition occurs most often in people who have chronic asthma. It also afflicts about 40 percent of people who have only hay fever, however. Its symptoms, caused when muscular spasms or inflammation of the bronchial tubes in

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Hundreds of herbs are on the market today. Some of them are used as spices in cooking, others are medicinal herbs used in alternative medicine. Herbs might be used for all the other purposes, and for the most part they are herbs that are grown for culinary, medicinal, or in many cases, even spiritual value, and basically, what happens is that the green and leafy part of the plant is

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Depression makes life miserable for many people, and no drug can deal with it. Numerous conventional treatments for depression give little or no result. That is why people turn to alternative medicine and use herbs for depression. Most popular are Chinese depression herbs. It can be very much debilitating to an individual who is suffering from a great deal more than just occasional feelings of being down or feeling “blue.”

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Walk into any drugstore, and you are confronted by a seemingly endless array of over-the-counter preparations to treat allergies and asthma. More drugs are stocked out of sight, available only with a prescription. To make an informed choice you should understand the appropriate use, effects and side effects of each class of drugs. Antihistamines Antihistamines are the first line of treatment for allergy symptoms. Antihistamines do not prevent allergic reactions; they

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Did you know there is a plethora of food out there that you have been tricked into thinking is healthy, but that is in fact NOT healthy? Rude, I know! How dare people go around convincing us that a fast-food salad with extra dressing and diet coke is a meal that’s going to help us lose weight! The nerve! Time to set the record straight: Here’s some sneaky unhealthy food